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save money every time you fill upNew technology now offers improved power, preformance & economyof LPG powered vehicles

Save Money with Autogas

Running an LPG car can help you save big $$$ on your fuel costs!

There’s no question that Autogas is one of the most inexpensive fuels available, in fact the most compelling argument for switching to Autogas could well be the economic one.

Autogas retails at less than half the price of petrol and diesel.
After converting your vehicle or vehicle to LPG, it usually takes between one to two years to recoup your investment in fuel savings.
What's more, because the engine tends to run more smoothly on LPG, it reduces engine wear - and, as such, may well increase the life of your engine and other key components.

There are a number of other financial benefits to running your vehicle on LPG too:
Thanks to it creating fewer emissions, LPG found favour with the government since its early beginnings. The development of LPG Vehicles has subsequently been encouraged by way of the Introduction of the Government LPG Grant scheme, and lower fuel excise on LPG the bowser
For companies operating a fleet of cars, fuel can be one of the most expensive outgoings. you can drasticly reduce your fuel bills by running on LPG

Despite all the financial savings, you won't have to put up with a loss of performance. Driving on Autogas is virtually the same as driving a petrol or diesel car. What's more, engine noise is around 50% lower with Autogas than it is with diesel.

Autogas. Clean, green, economical,  great performance, and available now!!
What more could you ask for?

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